About Us

The Zimbabwe Business Council on Wellness (ZBCW) is a business Trust that provides strategic capacity development support to businesses and organizations to manage their HIV and Wellness programmes in a manner that promotes their viability, growth and sustainability. A comprehensive HIV and Wellness program will ensure a reduction of the impact of HIV and adverse wellness conditions on the business and increase employees’ satisfaction and morale by managing their wellness. The ZBCW views the development and implementation of responsive comprehensive HIV and Wellness programmes as a means of managing the company’s human assets thereby eliminating the business risk arising from HIV and adverse wellness conditions.

Vision: To become the partner of choice to businesses in Zimbabwe in the strategic management of HIV and Wellness programmes at the workplace.

Our Purpose

To provide strategic management support to businesses in Zimbabwe to implementresponsive HIV and Wellness programmes at the workplace thereby contributing towards their survival and sustainable growth.

Our Mission

To strengthen businesses’HIV and Wellness programmes’management capacities in Zimbabwe and promote the implementation of responsive and strategic programesat the workplace focusing on the deployment of “best practice”.

Our Focus

The ZBCW recognizes human resources as the most valuable business asset. It’s goal is to ensure that this asset gives a meaningful return on investment by producing at its optimum irrespective of the employees’ HIV and general Wellness status.